Compliance Law & Company Secretarial Practice Areas


Compliance Law & Company Secretarial

The firm’s regulation, compliance and corporate secretary department is entrusted with on-going monitoring of client’s business, technological and financial activity. Inter alia, the department deals with all matter in which having one’s finger on the pulse is crucial to the on-going and the out of the ordinary activity. The department advises clients on matter related to corporate decision making and execution thereof, in product development and acquiring appropriate permits, banking compliance and financial regulation.

The department advises a wide range of clients: high-tech and start-up companies, investment funds and financial institutions, heavy industry and construction companies, global telecommunication companies as well as private individuals with unique needs in the fields of compliance.
Furthermore, the department specializes in anti-bribery and ethical matters. Given the firm’s international orientation, we are able to operate as an interface between the various requirements of foreign money laundering authorities and Israel’s corresponding authorities.