Dardik Gross your source of local and international legal expertise

Dardik Gross your source of local and international legal expertise Dardik Gross your source of local and international legal expertise


Dardik, Gross & Co. is a boutique, full-service law firm, located at the Tel-Aviv district and specializing in Commercial and Civil law. The firm is highly reputable for expertly handling both local and international cases. Dardik, Gross & Co. was ranked by numerous prestigious publications as one of Israel’s leading law firms in in the fields of International Commercial Law, Immigration Law (Work Permits for expatriates to Israel and abroad), M&As, Oil & Gas and Franchise Law. Inter Alia Dardik, Gross & Co. was consecutively ranked as a leading Israeli firm in the field of International Commercial Law by both Dun& Bradstreet and BDI for the years 2011-2017. Our firm is characterized by the breadth of its international activity, based upon its members’ full command of foreign languages and almost two decades’ worth experience in providing local and multinational corporations with legal services. We provide our clients with comprehensive and on-going service in a one-stop-shop manner so that every client receives top-notch bespoke legal services of the highest of quality.  

We advise both companies and private individuals, Israelis and aliens, and provide them with cutting-edge legal services in all levels and scopes of their activity. Each client is provided with a carefully-tailored service package suitable for their own special needs. Our firm accompanies Israeli clients in their various outbound activities abroad, which was enabled by our keen business understanding and excellent English and Spanish communication skills and in turn, has resulted in significant international transactional experiences.

Our firm is the exclusive Israeli delegate to the ALFA International organization, which is one of the world’s oldest and strongest international legal networks: a tight-knit exclusive legal network comprised of 145 law firms worldwide.