Civil & Commercial Law Practice Areas


Civil & Commercial Law

Dardik, Gross & Co. provides legal services in all aspects of commercial law to both individuals and corporations both in Israel and abroad. Our services include advising and strategizing transactions, negotiating on behalf of the client, drafting of contracts, establishing and management of joint ventures, handling cases vis-à-vis government agencies and regulatory bodies, drafting legal opinions, litigating in all incidents including alternative dispute resolution.

Loyal to the firm’s one-stop-shop credo, the department seeks to encapsulate all of our clients’ needs such as ongoing legal advice, labor law issues, public tenders, litigation, real estate transactions, IP law etc.

Our firm holds unique expertise in handling the needs of clients whose business orientation requires thorough work with parties residing in foreign countries and to that end our firm employs several lawyers who regularly work with colleagues and clients in the Americas, the UK, the EU, and the Far East.