Litigation Practice Areas



Dardik, Gross & Co.’s litigation department has vast experience representing corporate entities and individuals with the highest professional standards of civil and commercial litigation, as well as in alternative means of dispute resolutions. Over two decades practicing litigation have rendered the department expert at handling high-profile, complex and challenging cases in all instances and tribunals.
The litigation department represents commercial bodies and private individuals, both Israelis and Internationals in all fields of litigation, including contracts, corporate, labor, tenders,

defamation and privacy protection, real estate, class action lawsuits and intellectual property – including commercial torts, seizure of goods by customs authorities, appeals of the Registrar of trademarks’ decision and breach of copyrights.
The department’s raison d’être is to respond rapidly and efficiently to any matter, in an effort to effectively solve and contain any risk met by our clients, by utilizing temporary restraining orders and injunctions, administrative appeals, appeals before the High Court of Justice and interim orders, as well as quick defense strategies for such proceedings.