Real Estate Practice Areas


Real Estate

Our firm’s outstanding real estate department is a leader in Israel’s real estate landscape. True to our firm’s one-stop-shop vision, the department has vast experience in all fields of real estate; including real estate entrepreneurship, planning and development, construction and project marketing. Our unique hands-on experience allows us to successfully represent our clients in the most complex of real estate transactions, including planning, combination transactions, challenging negotiations and taxation.

Our clientele includes some of Israel’s top actors in the real estate field, as well as foreign corporations and foreign governmental bodies: contractors, private land owners, real estate companies and governmental and public institutions. Our experience encompasses all manners of real estate projects;


including yielding real estate – commercial centers and office buildings, residential projects, second-hand purchases, combination transactions, infrastructure, hotels, sales and purchase, urban renewal including National Outline Plan 38 and Evacuation-Renewal, group buying, municipal taxation and representation at Planning and Building committees, appeals committee and the Israel Land Administration.

Our firm specializes in seamlessly integrating deep legal understanding with shrewd business insight. True to that maxim, the real estate department provides our clients with a comprehensive legal-commercial envelope to accommodate all their real estate needs.