DG Immigration Department

DG Immigration Department DG Immigration Department

DG Immigration Department

Dardik Gross & Co. is one of the leading and most active firms in Israel in the field of immigration with more than 20 years of experience. We work to secure work permits for experts, managers and professionals being relocated to Israel by multinational firms, foreign companies and Israeli companies in a wide area of activities such as: Energy (Oil & Gas, Solar and Power stations), High-Tech, Industry, Engineering, Transportation, Aviation, Banking, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals and other areas.

The service we provide to our clients is characterized, among other things, by the handling and obtaining of B-1 type expert work visas, extended B-2 type Visitor visas to their families and providing mobility solutions planning such as the arrival of experts to Israel while meeting challenging schedules, relocation of employees including of house and vehicle rentals, driver licenses, and handling administrative issues which the experts may encounter in their daily life in Israel.

We provide our international clientele with a professional and superior level of service, with many years of experience coordinating global relocation projects in Israel.

Dardik Gross immigration department consists of 8 immigration service providers including experienced Labor and immigration lawyers and is headed by Adv. Yaacov (Kobi) Neeman.
Our firm, Managing director, Adv., Dan Gross, is acting as Co-Chair of the Israeli Bar Association Committee of Foreign Employees.

The firm consistently receives the highest rankings for International Commercial Law, recently received an award for the Best Work Visas (B-1) Team in Israel and is ranked by Bdi-Coface as a leading law firm specializing in “Immigration” for the year’s 2015,2016,2017 and in 2018 & 2019-2022 received the highest recognition as an “Elite” leading law firm in Israel for immigration and relocation services.  

Israel Work Permit – Expert category

Short Term work visa – up to 90 days

Israel B-2 Tourist Visa / Visitor Visa

“Law of Return” Israel work visa

Common Life (marriage to Israeli)

Immigration Sanctions (Civil & Criminal)

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For additional information please contact Dan Gross, Adv. (gross@dglaw.co.il) or Kobi Neeman Adv. (kobi@dg-immigration.com)