Israeli work permit (B1) Expert Category Immigration Department


Israel Work Permit (B-1) – Expert category

Acquiring a work permit, under expert category, entails completing a four-step process

  1. The first step involves receiving a recommendation from the Ministry of Interior – Population, Immigration and Border Control Authority (PIBA), the department of foreign workers – experts unit, to work in Israel. This is possible only after convincing the Ministry that the employee is an expert in his field, earning more than twice the average salary in the market and proving that there is no other local Israeli citizen who can perform the same task.
  2. The second step includes submitting a request with the Interior Office to invite the worker to Israel. Once the work permit is approved an invitation to the Israeli’s at the expert’s country of origin is sent (the invitation will be valid for 90 days from issuing date).
  3. The Expert will address the Consulate to collect his/her “Invitation” at the Israeli Consulate at his/her country of origin/residency.

    The Consulate has a list of Docs & Info to be presented for the Visa issue. It may include Good Conduct certificate + apostil, Medical Checks, etc., per Consulate procedures.

    The Consulate will issue a work visa including “Single Entry Visa valid for 30 days”. After receiving the Single-Entry Work Visa, stamped on the passport, the expert may enter Israel to work, within 30 days from the visa issuing date at the consulate.

  4. After arrival to Israel, DG will address the Interior Office again, applying for a “Full Year Visa” and “Multiple Entry Visa”, using on-line system, in order to allow the expert to work in Israel and fly in and out of the country during the assignment and the visa validity period.

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