Short Term Expedited Work Permit up to 90 days Immigration Department


Short Term Expedited Work Permit up to 90 days

Israeli Immigration Authority – The Population, Immigration and Border Authority (The Ministry of the Interior)  (“PIBA”) takes additional measures to address Israeli Immigration challenges.  This includes a new procedure, revised and extended, including an option to file a 90 Days Visa applications allowing approval to be issued within 6 working days from submission of the application (The procedure allowed applications up to 30 days per calendar year, now being extended to up to 90 days per calendar year).

The  Short Term Expedited Work Permit is available for nationals exempt from visa being issued in advance and prior of entry to Israel.

The list of countries with which Israel has a visa exemption agreement can be found at the following link:

Note that the 90 Days’ Work Visas CANNOT be Extended, beyond 90 Days per calendar year, and can be used as one time application or accumulated, per employee!

Applications for Long Term Visas are available ONLY AFTER the employee will leave Israel as long as the Expert will meet the Long Term Visa terms.

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