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qMeety is going gold

qMeety released to marketing its  meeting place product.

One of the most important choices any firm makes is the form of the customer communication it chooses. The right customer interaction is tied to results: the ability to convert visitors into buyers, increase customer satisfaction and create a sense of trust and responsiveness. Even at large destination sites, such as news sites or travel sites, the ability to converse with fellow site visitors can make visits longer and provide a more engaging experience.

qMeety will power new meeting places in destination and commercial sites, basing its go-to-market on underserved markets where its technology can bring substantial benefits to users. Its technology will power three types of interaction:

  • Publisher to visitor: similar to today’s live chat solutions
  • Visitor to visitor: to enable concurrent site visitors to become mutually aware and chat
  • qMeety for aggregated sites: letting mini-site owners such as store owners or mini-site creators chat with visitors without integration by the aggregated site owner.

Our firm advises qMeety and other start-ups.